Vegan Diet Translation Card in Japanese – Print Out for your trip!

We have created a Japanese Vegan Diet Restaurant Card to help you on your trip. Even if you don’t know any Japanese, you can get your vegan diet across to the restaurant staff using this card. You can also try using it in grocery stores!

You can download the vegan diet translation card in printable pdf form by clicking here. You can also get it in docx file here (right-click & save as) which is easier to edit if you wish to change something like the font size or colors.

Alternative for the file

In case you cannot open either of the files above or have problems using them, you can also copy the text from below. Using this card, you will not only explain your vegan diet and tell what you can’t and can eat, but you will also ask them to tell you what you can eat. After reading this card, they should also tell you if you are trying to order something that has non-vegan ingredients in it – even if they wouldn’t be 100% sure about it.







Sharing the vegan diet translation card

We are very happy if you find the card useful and we are also extremely flattered if you wish to share it with other vegans. In the case you wish to share it, we would appreciate it if you could link them to this page.

If you try using the Vegan Diet Translation Card, please let us know how did it go in the comments below. We would appreciate any feedback so we can improve the card further.

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