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On this page we answer some of the most common questions you may have about this site and vegan food in Japan. If your question is not answered, please feel free to message us here.

Where can I get vegan food in Japan?

The number of stores directed extensively to vegans is still very limited but you can find vegan-friendly options in many ordinary supermarkets, convenience stores, cafes and restaurants.

I found a product I’m not sure if it’s vegan or not. What can I do?

First of all, you can try looking at the ingredients list with the help of this list of words. However, in case this feels too difficult or you are still unsure, you can always ask us! Just take a picture of the product and the ingredients list, then send us an email with the photos. Please look here for more details. We are happy to help you!

How can I find the products listed on the site?

Please refer to the posts for information on where you can find the items. Some of the items may be specific to one region and some may also be available at very limited number of stores. We recommend you to show the photo of the product you wish to buy to a store staff member so they can tell you if the store has the product or not. You can also always ask us for more details!

How can I order vegan food in the restaurants? Can I ask them to modify the dishes?

In Japan, it’s generally not accepted to ask for modifications in a restaurant. However, this does not mean that you cannot do this – you just should not take it for granted that you can get your dish modified. As a rule of thumb, it’s often easier to get your dish modified in smaller restaurants while big chain restaurants or cafes tend to have more difficulties in making the modifications. We recommend you to try anywhere you go though. Please use this guide if you are not fluent in Japanese as saying “vegan” may not always be enough to explain your diet.

Also, please note that there are some restaurants that may take it as an insult if you ask for a vegan alternative. This goes without saying but it might not be a good idea to ask for vegan alternative in a shop that is famous for meat or eggs for example. Contradictory to this though, you might often find a lot of vegan alternatives at Yakiniku (焼肉, grilled meat) restaurants. However, you should note that many Yakiniku restaurants use animal fat to grease their grills!

Why do you have products with e.g. honey in it listed on the site?

We have posted products that have e.g. honey in them since it is an example of an ingredient that is not avoided by all vegans. However, since we know that many vegans do not eat it, we have included noticeable warnings for this.

I found a product listed on the site but it’s not vegan! Why?

The most likely reason is that the producer has changed the recipe of the product. This is especially common with deli foods although it happens with other products such as snacks and potato chips as well. Unfortunately, we are not able to keep up with all the recipe changes due to the large number of items listed. If you find a product like this, we would really appreciate it if you could tell us by email veganinjpn@gmail.com. This way, we can edit the information so all the other vegans will be informed as well.

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