Is this vegan? Ask us!

Did you find a product that seems like it could be vegan but you are not sure? You can always check the word list we have provided here but you can also send a picture of the product so that we can look into it for you. We are happy to help you!

How to ask us if a product is vegan

  1. Take at least 2 pictures of the product. Take one photo of the front of the product and another one of the ingredients list. Make sure that the list of ingredients is visible and readable.
  2. Send the photo to us to If possible, please also tell us where you found the product.
  3. Wait for our response. We try to answer as soon as we can but this might take a few days.
  4. After we know whether the product is vegan or not, we will send you a message. After this, we might also publish the product on Vegan in Japan site and on our Instagram account.

Please note that by sending us photos you give us a permission to use them on Vegan in Japan site and on Vegan on Japan’s Instagram account. We would naturally like to credit you for the photos but you can also opt out from this if you wish to stay completely anonymous. You can also be credited by a nickname or similar – just tell us when you send us an email.

How to find the ingredients list?

In Japan, the ingredients list is often found on the back side of the product and it should be easily found but sometimes it’s on the bottom of the product. Please be careful when looking for the ingredients list – some products should not be turned upside-down.

To help you find the list, we have listed the most commonly used words for ingredients list below.

原材料名 (genzairyomei)
原材料 (genzairyo)
成分 (seibun)
成分表 (seibunhyo)

How do we benefit from this?

In exchange of offering this service, we would like to publish the product on the site using the photo(s) you send to us. This way other vegans will also get to know about the product. This means a lot to our site and it might also affect positively on the sales of the product, possibly influencing the companies when they notice that there is demand for vegan products. This way, you can cooperate with us in making traveling in Japan easier for vegans!

If you wish to not have your photos used on the site, please refrain from sending us requests.

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